Enhanced eBooks / MultimediaeBooks Conversion

Aenyvish Digital Technology, your trusted eBook designing and publishing partner, offers first-class enhanced and multimedia eBooks conversion solutions employing the advanced technological tools to help you efficiently convert your static and complex works into digital formats with in-built audios and videos, and deliver enhanced user experience like never before. We have an outstanding of content developers, interactive designers, HTML5 specialists and digital testers, who work in parallel with you to produce quality interactive eBooks featuring user-friendly interface and high-tech functionalities.

To go beyond our client's expectations, Aenyvish Digital Technology's professionals follow a 3-step industry-proven process, which includes editorial and design analysis; digital composition and development; and testing and quality assurance.

Under editorial and design analysis, our experts organize and prepare content for digital layouts, and add multiple elements, including headers, side notes, etc., as well as multimedia features like animations, graphics, visual effects, and more. In digital composition and development phase, our professionals develop eBooks and programs that feature interactive elements and functionalities. While in testing and quality assurance phase, we aim at ensuring utmost accuracy by proofreading the converted content, and rigorously testing designed eBooks against various parameters, such asaccessibility, UI/UX compliance, cross-platform functionality, etc., finally conducting an auditof eBooks to ensure it not only meets the demand of the publishers, but also fulfill the defined industry standards.

One of the globally popular enhanced and multimedia eBooks designing and publishing service providers in India, Aenyvish Digital Technology offers a variety of services, which includes:

  • Producing platform agnostic, multimedia rich, and interactive eBooks in KF8/ePub3 format with HTML5 and CSS3

  • Adding multimedia content, such as 3D animations, fluid diagrams and graphics, etc., as well as advanced elements like games, quizzes & puzzles into eBooks

  • Creating enhanced eBooks for children's picture books, educational/instructional texts,travel guides, magazines, etc. to deliver a richer reading experience

  • Producing fixed layout eBooks for effectively converting print elements into digital formats

  • Embedding audio and video using HTML5, and animation effects using CSS3

  • Creating read-aloud eBooks by synchronizing text and images with narrated audios

  • Linking the contentinternally with footnotes, cross references, indexes, annotations, etc., and to external references

  • Improving the content'slook and feel with semantic tagging to make it easily accessible and discoverable

So don't wait long, contact Aenyvish Digital Technology today for effectively adding creativity and engagement to your content with cost-effective enhanced and multimedia eBooks conversion services!